Another Kind Of Workplace Drama

7th March 2017·Industry News

As Peter Kay said so well ‘I would give it a few minutes before you go in there if I were you’ – referring to the ‘aroma’ left in the toilet by other users.

Embarassing as it is, some people will not use washrooms because of this and so a solution was developed commercially to avoid this situation – PHEW!

Eliminates The Smell.

Presenting natural goodness with the subtle, professional and highly effective Phew!™, removing the smell that a ‘number two’ can leave behind and creating a fresh aura before and after a toilet visit.

Our scent technology works by removing the bad smell, completely, not just masking it.

Eliminates The Stress.

Feel the comfort of your own home, away from home. Worry no more for those awkward moments when visiting the toilet. Phew!™ toilet spray provides peace of mind when you need it by

removing the bad smell often left behind from a toilet trip and replacing it with a subtle fragrance.

Still unsure?

55% Of people feel embarrassed/awkward doing a ‘number 2’ in a toilet other than their own. 41% Of people try not to go at work unless they absolutely have to.
89% Of people say they would be more comfortable to go at work if Phew!™ was provided in their work bathroom.

NWR Hygiene are delighted to have been chosen as PHEW! distributors, and we welcome commercial enquiries for this product.

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