Washroom, Restroom, Lavvy, John?

10th March 2017·Hints & Tips

Its something we have debated in the office for a long time.

What do you you call your washroom? Not something like a proper name – Fred or Joe for example, just what generic term do you use?

It’s a matter of market research for us when we start advertising and making our website more ‘findable’ on the internet. We use  ‘washroom’ because that seems to be the standard term. But is it?

I saw a van today stickered with the term ‘restroom’. Now that’s really American, but so many terms have been Americanized these days (notice the z !) that we are beginning to wonder if that’s the right term.

So maybe you can help us. Can you post your best effort at describing the term for ‘washroom’ on Facebook or Twitter and don’t forget to hashtag your idea. We will take this poll and use it to see if a campaign using your term reaches the people that ‘washroom’ doesn’t. Bottle of our finest Chateau Consett goes to the winner, which will be drawn out next week from the thousands of entries  we get.

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