Is Your Washroom Going Green?

22nd May 2017·Hints & Tips

Increasingly, businesses today are trying to reduce their carbon footprints and improve their green credentials in every way possible.

By adopting an eco-friendly image companies can save money by becoming more energy efficient, and enhance their own reputation by demonstrating that they are operating from a position of social and environmental responsibility.

Making commercial buildings more efficient is normally the first step for most businesses, keeping a close eye on renewable energy sources if possible.

There is scope for improvement in every single room in an office, factory or other commercial property – especially the washroom.

There are some key areas where these improvements can have the most impact in creating an environmentally friendly washroom.

Water Saving Measures

Commercial washrooms with a high number of visitors use a lot of water and making any savings on the water usage can result in substantial financial benefits.

One of the simplest ways to reduce water usage is to check for leaks. Even something as innocuous as a dripping tap, if left unrepaired, can result in many litres of water waste. Bear in mind that the slow dripping of a leaky tap equates to your money slowly dripping away!

Fitting aerated or regulated flow taps on the wash handbasins, are very effective methods of saving water (and money) without inconveniencing the user.

You can also reduce the amount of water which is used to flush toilets, with a range of devices. For urinals, NWR Hygiene Group offers simple to install (we do the install free!) and highly effective water management systems which are programmed to reduce water consumption while keeping the area perfectly sanitised.

Energy-Efficient hand dryers

There are many opinions in the industry about which method of hand drying is most eco-friendly. Paper towels create more waste, while electric hand dryers use more energy. Our free site assessment can analyse your electricity consumption on your current hand-dryer and see if switching to a more energy-efficient model can generate the right level of savings to justify a replacement eco-friendly unit being installed.

Recycled toilet paper

Commercial bathrooms go through a vast amount of toilet paper – so it makes sense to use recycled products.

We also have a range of toilet paper supplies and systems that physically limit the amount that users can take at once which can also help in reducing wastage and saving money at the same time.

LED lighting

One thing that can save money immediately is the installation of LED lighting. These energy-efficient lighting units offer a really easy way to reduce the amount of energy a washroom uses is by replacing traditional lighting with LED bulbs.

LEDs are more energy efficient resulting in huge energy savings, and they last much longer than traditional light bulbs. In addition LED lights don’t contain toxic materials and are recyclable, adding to their environmentally friendly credentials.

Businesses that take steps to make their washrooms more eco-friendly also accrue additional benefits in terms of cost savings as well as becoming an advocate for sustainable business practices.

NWR Hygiene Group specialise in helping businesses to ‘go green’ so why not give us a call – and see how much you can save in the process.

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