BioZone: Cutting Edge Anti-Virus Technology For The Workplace

22nd April 2022·Hints & Tips

Are you a business owner looking for a product which will eradicate bacteria and eliminate bad odour in your facilities? Look no further than BioZone, the cutting edge anti-virus technology designed to help you level up hygiene in the workplace.

BioZone utilises leading UV technology in order to improve hygiene to no end. Thanks to its sterilising techniques and anti-virus technology, the device is able to destroy viruses and put an end to bad odour. With BioZone, you can revolutionise the standards of cleanliness in your work environment and create a safer environment for both staff and customers to use. Today, we wanted to take a quick dive into BioZone in order to understand how it works and what benefits it offers for you as a business owner.


How does the anti-virus technology of BioZone work, exactly?

This unique air-care product is currently the most advanced purification device on the market, designed to draw in the air within a room and treat it with UV light.

Recent and astonishing developments in the field of scientific research have unearthed the germicidal effects of UV-C, UV-B, UV-A and violet blue light. BioZone’s UV light produces electromagnetic energy that has the incredible ability to destroy the capabilities of microorganisms to reproduce, triggering the inactivation of microbes by way of causing cell mutations and/or death.

Essentially, BioZone utilises leading anti-virus technology in order to sterilise the air and then releases it back into the workplace.

1/ Leading anti-virus technology

BioZone isn’t your ordinary hygiene product.

Thanks to its sterilising capabilities, BioZone technology is able to destroy even the hardiest of viruses and is therefore an incredibly effective addition to environments such as nursing homes, washrooms, hospitals and food preparation areas. From infectious viruses such as Human Flu and Bird Flu all the way to bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, BioZone has the potential to reimagine all that we previously thought possible vis-à-vis virus control.

We know what you’re thinking. The question on everybody’s lips is, well, can it destroy COVID-19? The answer, of course, is yes.

The products available from BioZone Scientific have recently been independently tested by a third party lab in regards to their effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2. Brilliantly, the results identified that BioZone’s UV light technology triggers an almost 100% inactivation of the virus that causes COVID-19 in less than one mere second of exposure. That’s right, one second. 

2/ Presenting a natural, green solution

Another incredible aspect of the BioZone technology is that it is an entirely natural solution to the eradication of bacteria, viruses and air impurities.

BioZone has the ability to destroy chemical-resistant infectious diseases. What’s more, microbial cells are inherently unable to develop any sort of resistance to this technology. This means that UV light could truly be the technology that could change the course of how we manage bacteria and viruses in contemporary society.

The chemical-free nature of BioZone means that it is completely environmentally friendly. The technology removes the need for potent chemical solutions to control bad odours and bacteria, such as urinal blocks and harsh chemical cleaners.

So, if your business is committed to utilising forward thinking, green technology, BioZone is for you.

3/ Removes odours by destroying the root cause

Not only does BioZone have the ability to destroy bacteria and airborne viruses, it also tackles chemicals, fumes and mould. By destroying the root cause of air impurities, the UV light technology is able to neutralise the bad smells that these impurities cause.

Unpleasant odours in your workplace give the impression of poor hygiene, affecting people’s perception of your business. Scrub, scour and clean all you like, some smells simply linger to no end.

With BioZone installed, you can rest assured that unpleasant smelling spaces in the workplace are guaranteed to be a thing of the past.

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