Vending Machine


At NWR Hygiene Group, we offer the highest quality vending services suitable for both ladies and gents. Our vending machines look clean, hygienic and modern. They also have a slim profile which makes the product suitable for washroom environments of all shapes and sizes. Once a coin is slotted into the machine by a customer, the products are dispensed automatically, reducing your customers wait time. This dual column design is currently available in white. The NWR Hygiene Group vending machine is extremely resilient to vandalism. We have both feminine hygiene and condom vending machines currently available.

Vending Machine Features

  • Automatic dispensing system.
  • 2 product choices per vending machine.
  • Does not provide change.
  • Available in white.
  • Slim profile.
  • Dual column.
  • Available for both male and female washrooms.





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