Your Tuesday Soap – Kitchen Dramas Episode 1

21st February 2017·Company News

There seems to be nothing so emotive about the communal fridge and kitchen at work. Using other people’s mugs, forks, spoons; ‘borrowing’ food and drink items, leaving the kitchen a mess; the list goes on an on.

The redress seems to be leaving a note to highlight the offence, but sometimes the notes can backfire and create a reaction that compounds the original offence. the folks at have a great collection of photographs of notes left by the aggrieved parties, together with some witty responses from the original offenders -plus some general ‘joining in’ to the conversation by interested bystanders.

Just the thing to brighten up a Tuesday. If you like them give them some love, share them on your Facebook page or leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.

Episode 1 – A Tuna Sandwich Called Kevin

Anyone who has used the communal kitchen and fridge has probably fallen victim to the foodnapper; the mystery person who takes whatever food they fancy, much to the annoyance of the food owner. Writing your name on the food item wrapper is a fair deterrent, but unfortunately not for Kevin….

A Tuna sandwich called Kevin

A Tuna sandwich called Kevin

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