Quiz Time !

30th March 2017·Company News

Worried about germs? Lots of us are, but few of us have all the facts. To find out how much people really know, we pounded the pavement and posed a few questions.

1. In general, how long can viruses or bacteria survive on most surfaces?
A. 10 minutes.
B. One hour.
C. 2 hours.
D. 2 days.

2. Moving from your house to the workplace, which of these surfaces at a typical office is the least germy?
A. An elevator button.
B. A toilet seat.
C. A desktop?

3. To prevent the spread of germs, for how long should you wash your hands?

4. Now you know how long you should wash. But which of these tips can increase the effectiveness of hand washing?
A. Working up lots of lather.
B. Drying your hands afterwards.
C. Using antibacterial soap?

5. True or false? Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are better than plain old soap and water when it comes to killing germs.

Answers tomorrow folks!

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