NWR Hygiene Features in Cricket Club Magazine

13th November 2018·Company News

NWR Hygiene Group is proud to announce that we are featured in this month’s edition of Cricket Club Magazine, the premier platform for all the cricketing world’s news, views and opinions in the UK.

You may be wondering, why is NWR Hygiene Group, a hygiene provider, being featured in a cricket magazine? Valid question but we have a valid answer!

You may have seen recently on our website and social media that we have introduced the Men’s Hygiene Disposal Unit, the latest innovation in the hygiene world, that is aimed at providing the growing number of people that suffer from incontinence with a place to store their incontinence products.

In the latest issue of Cricket Club Magazine, we expand on what our Men’s Hygiene Disposal Service contains and why its a good idea to choose the Men’s Hygiene Disposal Unit in our current climate.

Not only do we have a feature on Men’s Hygiene Disposal, we also have an interview from long – time Area Sales Manager James Carr in issue 48 of Cricket Club Magazine!

Read James’ interview to find out a little more about the history of NWR Hygiene Group and why you should choose us over our competitors.

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