Hand Dryer Deals Is Back!

9th July 2018·Company News

What a week it’s been! Football’s coming home, the weather’s been fantastic and Hand Dryer Deals is back! Hold on you say, I can get on board with the first two, but what’s Hand Dryer Deals??? Well, it just so happens to be our official sister site, where you can buy hand dryers outright for your company’s washrooms for fantastically reduced prices!

We currently have a range of 3 hand dryers available to purchase at Hand Dryer Deals. Two originals from yours truly, the Air Lite Max and the Air Lite Super Max, as well as the supreme Veltia Triblade. All hand dryers are cheaper than their original price points and come with comprehensive warranties.

Still not convinced? What if we told you that free shipping is included (UK only) with every hand dryer purchased! The choice is always yours of course as all of these hand dryers are available to rent from NWR Hygiene Group. But if you like to own your products, then this is the website for you! Say hello to Hand Dryer Deals today!

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